Elle Decor Magazine-The Ultimate Design Magazine

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Elle Decor magazine is one of our most favorite design magazines in the world! Its features are always original, whimsical, and totally sophisticated. It also use extensive colors, which is our favorite thing to do when it comes to interior design. Neutral is nice, but color is way hotter!

If you like Elle Decor's style, you'll probably like these...All can be found on the home accessories section at Inside Avenue.

This lamp comes in blue (shown), pink, white and black. We just love the shade.

This pendant is a nice touch of colors for your outdoor room. It is available in pink, orange, white, yellow and black.

This set of print is colorful and fun. It's Asian but not overly so... We love these stools. We've seen them at Mondrian hotel in Scottsdale in white. Shown here in green, they are also available in white, black and blue.

And check out this awesome table! It is also available in a longer version (this one is 30" long, the larger one is 48" long). The table is available in blue, yellow and white.

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