Example of Minimalist Design House On Land

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Home design ideas | Minimalist Home Designs

If you're thinking of renovating your home, or will build a small house on your land. You're looking for inspiring the development plan of the house. please read the examples of minimalist design of the house below.

This Plan takes from familyhomeplan.com. And therefore the size of the map using the size of feet (foot). Just help, I convey information length, and its range in the size of the meter. While the size of the space is still using the original size feet. If you want to change it to a meter in size, you simply multiply it by a factor of 0.3084. For example, 30 feets, = 30 × 0.30.84 = 9.14 m.

Example of Minimalist Design House On Land

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For The Birds

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It's funny how one "new" item can serve as inspiration for a whole makeover. My garbage gift screen got a good cleaning and sanding to reveal some of the old paint layers. Then it was placed in the center of the mantle, serving as a unique backdrop.I pulled out all of my collected birdcages and gave them a fresh coat of white spray paint to unify them.I also spruced up some old candle pillars with a yellow so bright it screams sunshine.These little birds were thrift finds years ago. Originally they hung from a ribbon. I cut apart a wire hanger and drilled a few holes in the birds and some scrap wood, to make long legged fowl.

Of course every bird needs a nest or two. This one is my favorite. It's the real deal. Several years ago I found it in my driveway after a mighty wind.
There used to be horses near our home and
this little nest has horsetail hair woven in for nesting comfort.
What a creative bird!

I added a few green books for color and interest.
The mantle looks fresh, fun and
for the birds!

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Alfresco living

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Whilst waiting to build ,we are renting a home that has NO Alfresco area, NO verandah,not even a mere hint of an outdoor entertaining space. This saddens me for two reasons
1.We live in a wonderful climate that allows for outdoor living, especially in the evening, for at least 8 months of the year.
2.Our previous house had a beautiful alfresco area that my very clever dream guy built & it was one of my favourite parts of that house.

He started with a blank canvas....

 He measured twice, cut once.....
and settled for no less than perfection.....
& what do ya know.....

 It was time for ME to go furniture shopping & sew the perfect cushion covers.....

& toast a job well done....

 AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! The serenity!!!!!

I miss our alfresco area, not to mention our beautiful furniture that has been in storage for the last 12 months.

So now I need new inspiration for the dream house.

We have planned an alfresco area as well as a front & back verandah's or porches as some would like to say. I would love a mix between a traditional Aussie homestead & a Hampton's style beach house.

a swinging chair over looking a pool would be a dream come true.....

unknown source

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Moth Design: Moth's First Giveaway!

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Professional Basement Home Theater Designs

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Basement home theater designs

The main challenge of this basement theater room size is limited: a 20 'x 12 basement room' with a concrete wall. Clients who want maximum screen size available for displaying HD content. The control system must be user-friendly and home theater needed to have three rows of seats with bass shakers and multiple choices of lighting themes. Wall-mounted speakers is used to optimize sound quality. Minimalist Home Designs

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A Gift of Garbage

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Today was garbage day.
When my husband arrived home from his walk he announced that
he had a present for me. . . . . . .
from someone's garbage can.

Isn't he so romantic!
His walking partner thought he was strange.
But he knew that I would treasure this trash---
an old wooden screen.Now I feel a mantle makeover coming on!

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Basement Ideas Home Theater Designs

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Basement home theater designsBasement home theater designs

A basement can be designed in various ways and adapted to our need to create a home theater. Painting the walls should be done with the help of non-reflective color and neutral. Carpets should be used to absorb sound or sounds deadly one. Some of the basement has windows and can be covered with blackout curtains. Walls can be decorated with framed movie posters assistance. It can be purchased from specialty shops.

Compilation Tools and Accessories
tools required for installation of home theater system is a screen, surround speakers, other equipment and cables necessary. Specially designed cabinets that are available to fit the necessary equipment for home theater. Curtains can be placed in front of the TV screen. The concept of home theater sofa is the choice of the best seats for the purpose of seeing. It's hard to build a stadium seating assembly or arrangement for the basement. So, the couch was the most feasible option. For the construction of stairs, the dimensions of space must be suitable and the ceiling must be at least 8-9 feet high. The ceilings and walls should be covered with plasterboard.

Dimensional Space
To decide on the dimensions of home theater space, one must take into account the science of acoustics. Dimensions such as length, area and width must be such that their values are not equal to or multiples of one another. This is necessary to reduce the influence of resonance, because the cause dips and peaks in the sound frequency. Maintain well-ventilated basement is important along with the design and lighting parts. Popcorn machines can add to heat the basement. All of the fan or ceiling fan can be used to remove excess heat from the basement.

Enhancements and Decorating
A children's area can be built for a pastime. This can be decorated with the help of toys, story books, etc. Soft pillows should be used to the couch in this area. A coffee table in front of the seat can increase the comfort of viewers. It helps to enjoy snacks and tea / coffee and see your favorite movies. If possible, snack zone must be made by placing a mini fridge and sink in the corner. A Nacho makers, popcorn machine and many other accessories which can be brought into the design of the home theater.

Basement is located at the bottom of the home. Therefore, basement waterproofing is important to prevent water leakage. Minimalist Home Designs

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Must have Chinese style & a few great clocks

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I have fallen in love with Asian inspired furnishings of late, especially  these Chinese garden stools.I would love two of these silver babies in the formal lounge room of my dream house. I have seen them here in Oz at Domayne, but I'm sure you would be able to find them in many stores.

I also discovered a fabulous range of Chinese style buffets, entertainment units & coffee tables at Buyster.com.au I think a few Asian inspired accent pieces would be a good option for me to bring life to my current furniture. I haven't purchased any major pieces for my home for a few years now & my current look is a little like a furniture catalogue, EVERYTHING matches...... I  know, I know.....I can hear your toes curling  just at the thought of it. In my defence I didn't know that buying the complete set for each room would lead to such a boring look, But I have learn't the error of my ways & will be breaking up the gang as soon as possible. 

I especially love this last entertainment unit, the doors give it a real aged look
(unknown source)
I love this Buffet, it looks great with these chairs.

Whilst I was perusing Buyster's many online stores I was able to indulge my other  love, CLOCKS.

I am in the process of collecting some clocks to make a wall display & this one would be perfect.

 This one comes in a few sizes. I would like to see a large one in my sons bedroom.

 Ive only ever seen this style as a mirror

 A must have!!!

These mantle clocks add a nice touch to a cosy fireplace

Kyandra Rose

I love these images of giant clocks. I actually have a clock like the one in this last picture & its always a talking point when people see it....

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Love This Bed!

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We are digging this bed from Noir Trading. It's so unusual, don't you think? Upholstered in burlap, It's available in queen, ca king & eastern king.

We don't have pricing info yet but  if you  need help with it info drop us a line.

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Where Did You Get That? Green Nighstand

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JWe were researching ideas for a client's baby room and came accross this picture from Elle Decor.

Image via Elle Decor

Don't you  love the fact that it's not all pink?  If you like the green nightstand, you can find them at Bungalow 5. In addition to green, it comes in pink, red, white, beige and black as well.  Produc specifications and pricing info can be found here.

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What 50 Cents Can Buy

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My passion for thrifting has had to take a back seat lately with finances so very tight. But the other day I had a design appointment in the big city and thought that it would be nice to browse through a few thrift stores on my way home. After venturing up and down the aisles with nothing wonderful to be found, I spied a little package wrapped with cellophane and tape. Upon further inspection I noticed that it contained two small white ceramic quail, with a price tag of fifty cents. I laid down my change and adopted them.They are now nesting happily, basking in the light in my bookshelf.They seem right at home in the midst of all the white pottery.

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A reader request for floating shelves

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I have a reader who would like to use some floating shelves for her home office, but is unsure where to begin.....so I thought some inspirational pics would give her a great starting point.

I know she likes orange!!!

I especially like the order here.

Here's one for all you lovely crafty ladies.

A nice use of a loft style space.

This is a lovely work space, the colour scheme makes it feel like a happy space.

Storage galore. Black & white is my personal favourite

All images via Desire to inspire
I love the Kim & Jo over at Desire to Inspire, you really should go check out there work, you won't be disappointed.

The home office can so easily become cluttered & messy if you don't have systems in place to keep on top of things. Storage is certainly a top priority here.

By using a unified colour scheme when it comes to storage boxes, folders & magazine holders it enables you to create a stylish & restful work space that is still very functional.
Has anyone used floating shelves in their home? We would love to see your pics or hear your ideas. Feel free to add a comment or email me

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Modern Minimalist House Design Pekapeka Beach

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Modern minimalist design house located in Pekapeka Beach, New Zealand. This house was designed by Parsonson Architects. This house has 156 square meters of Local Sites. This house was built in 2008.

Exterior Modern Minimalist House Design Pekapeka Beach

Modern Minimalist House Design Pekapeka Beach views from outside

Kitchen design

Home Interior Design

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