A Thrifting We Will Go

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It's fun to see all of the tourist spots when you're on vacation, but one of my favorite spots to visit has been (I know you'll be surprised) a GIANT thrift store called Unique.
This place is huge!
With rows and rows of treasures just waiting to be found. We spent hours searching for goodies.

The prices were better than my thrift stores back home.
I went there with two of my daughter's friends who were searching for things to decorate their apartments.

Both girls found incredible buys on furniture pieces.
Look at the cart full off goodies one friend found.
We're redesigning her master bedroom and using many of these items.
I'm helping both girls decorate their homes in exchange for letting me share the before and after photos with you.
I managed to find a couple of treasures myself.
A small German silver container, a footed silver tray, a milk glass vase, and a cream vase to add to my collection.
As well as a chandelier (photos to come), and two pretty silver trays---the round one is for me and the rectangle one was a surprise for my daughter who had to work while we thrifted.
I'm so excited to show you what we did with many of treasures we found.

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Growing Inspiration

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Oh how I would love to incorporate some of these ideas from the Botanic Gardens in DC.Huge pots packed with plants and flowers. Don't you adore the overflowing potato vines.
I would really enjoy having a large rosemary bush like this one.
I would loooove to have rows of boxwood bushes!
I'm already planning on planting rows of grasses similar to this.
Don't you think that this is an awesome way to grow tomatoes?
I wish I could find a spot to plant two shades of ground cover plants in long rows with a garden statue in the center.My very favorite idea was this checkerboard design made by alternating ground coverings and small, smooth black stones.
Isn't it beautiful!

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Blooming With Ideas

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One of the first places I visited in Washington DC was the Botanic Garden, one of the oldest botanic gardens in North America.

I love to garden so I found it to be incredibly inspiring. The different gardens were absolutely stunning! I started snapping photos of ideas I wanted to incorporate in my own gardens as well as ideas that I could only dream of having. Sixty plus photos later I found myself not only feeling serene from strolling through garden after garden, but also excited to be able to share a bit of the experience and ideas with you.
This summer we built our own garden obelisks so you can imagine my thrill to see obelisks displayed in bright colors tucked among the beautiful flower beds.

There were beautiful structures that made me want to take up the art of welding just so I could have "dead" metal trees in my yard.

The ponds and other water features were so calming.

I don't think my hubby would be too thrilled if I handed him a shovel and announced that we were going to dig a big pond.

But maybe a dry creek bed with a bridge might be doable.

I'm wondering where we could build an arch for climbing vines?

I love the look of rocks in a garden!

Stepping stone and gravel paths overflowing with flowers and plants make me more giddy than a case full of diamonds and gem stones.

Do you think hubby would mind picking me up some huge rocks while I'm away so that I could incorporate them into my flower beds (hint hint ;~) I've actually asked him to do this---maybe if he reads my blog he'll remember).
Aren't these garden benches wonderful?

I sat on a few benches in the Botanic Gardens just trying to process all of the incredible ideas I found there. I've got even more to share with you tomorrow.

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I Have Not Vacated The Premises

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I was thrilled to be asked to do a guest host at Southern Hospitality. Welcome to all of Rhoda's friends who are visiting me for the first time!

I'm away from home, but I still have things to share----I just need to become familiar with my daughter's computer. I'll have some beautiful photos posted before this day is done so bear with me. I promise that it will be worth the wait!

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