Altered Reading

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I bought a couple of old books at the thrift store to add to my Halloween decorations, but they needed a little altering.One book's cover was beginning to separate.Which made it very easy to rip the entire cover off and I didn't have to feel guilty for damaging a book (that's the teacher in me).I sanded the spine a bit to achieve a more worn look. Then wrapped it with jute twine. Next I cut and frayed a piece of burlap and used a permanent marker for printing a title. Now I have the perfect addition for my mad scientist's shelf!I was attracted to the second book because of the cover's textural pattern. I removed the label on front using a little water and a scraper.A cotton swab and some fingernail polish remover worked for taking off the wording on the spine.I added a new title using a paint pen and permanent marker.It's the perfect addition to my Halloween library.And it looks fantastic on my witchy inspired entry table!

I am humbled to announce that I am
the Friday Feature over at A Little Tipsy.
Thank you Michelle for the opportunity.
It was fun!

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Places For Vases

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I am a collector. . . .either that or I am obsessive compulsive. I prefer to think that I am a collector. One of the many things that I enjoy collecting are vases and planters. I do try to keep it to a few certain types of vases----cream, moss green, and milk glass.
Since I've re-focused my efforts on decorating the guest room, I decided that it would be a great place to display a few of my vase collections. I had a few aqua pieces that look great on the mantle of the faux fireplace.
And I thought that the long, long shelf would be a perfect spot for a few pieces of milk glass. I began by gathering milk glass vases from various areas of the house. When it was all gathered, I was really surprised at how many pieces I had. I then laid everything out to see if there were "families" of vases. Again to my surprise, I had several. Next I grouped the vase families together beginning with the largest ones in the center of the shelves. And then I worked my way out to fill in the rest. I think the contrast of the white vases against the grey walls looks beautiful!
But now I see a big blank wall.
There's only one thing to do. Look for the perfect empty frame in my supply and give it a coat of silver spray paint because this room needs a little more sparkle to match the chandelier. The cute fleur de lis hanger is just the right touch. Yes! Now I think this room is complete. . . at least for now.

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Southern Accents Magazine Closing Down

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We have been really blue lately.

It started out a couple of months ago, when we got our September Vogue issue. What is normally 10 lbs worth of magazine, the coveted issue is bare-thread and just ...wimpy. Then when we pick up our LA Times newspaper along with our latte in the morning, it is so thin one can browse through it in five minutes.

So our blueness is even more accentuated when we heard that Southern Accents is closing. This is in addition to Gourmet, a fabulous food magazine. What is the world coming to?

One can argue that the Internet kills the newspapers and magazine industry, but to us there is nothing more pleasurable than seeing the mailbox full of new magazines. Nothing beats holding a new stack of fresh magazines with delicious pictures to look at and glossy pages to hold.

So may we ask for your support of the newspaper and magazine industry? It's not a lot of money to keep your subscription going. A subscription to Elle Decor, say, costs less than $10/year? The New York Times is more, but oh it's so worth it.

We can not live in a world without things to read, stores to visit, beautiful things to look at. Let's do our part to keep our world from being more isolated than it is.

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HGTV dream house guest bathroom

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HGTV dream house guest bathroom making tips

When deciding the new look for guest bathroom, comfort must be the foremost consideration. For picking the best style of your guest bathroom you can go through some magazines, visit the d├ęcor house shop or bath and kitchen showrooms. The basic trick is to mix and match the bathroom style, which appeals you. Make it extremely spacious and big. Keep it simple to clean for materials, countertop, shower and flooring.

Hgtv Dream House: Master Bathroom

For making the best bathroom floor, consider the room’s overall size and work over the required. Add a little counter space, good lighting and mirror in addition to a blend of ambient, decorative and accent task and certainly your guests will be satisfied with the bathroom accommodations.

Hgtv Dream House: Beautiful Bathroom

In addition, while making guest bathroom, make sure to pick the material that is accessible and convenient. The solid surface countertops with under mount sink are simple to clean and durable. For a lower budget bathroom, the option of laminate countertops having vitreous china sink is worth considering.

Hgtv Dream House: Bathroom

Do not forget to include ample of storage space, so that the guest can keep their belongings and toiletries in bathroom rather than their bags. Make sure the guest bathroom is also stocked with certain basics, including toilet paper, shampoo and towels. A tiny linen closet having extra necessities such as tissues in addition to hooks for hanging towels and clothes can certainly give the guests the feeling of home.

Hgtv Dream House: Guest Bathroom

Also, accessorize the bathroom space with soft, thick towels plus hang a cozy bathrobe over the hook. Place French milled soap, fragrant candle or a carafe of water for beautifying your bathroom area

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Let's Pretend

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As a child I loved to play pretend! It was one characteristic of childhood that I did not want to leave behind. I find myself many, many years later, still playing pretend when I decorate, especially for Halloween.
Wouldn't it be fun to have my huge dining room shelf look like it was part of a mad scientist's lab? It would need stacks and stacks of old books, a skull or two---happy skulls would be best. Of course it could use the old brown bottles from the thrift store complete with the labels I purchased last year at the dollar store.
A couple of old looking lanterns would be perfect. A few scary little pumpkins. And to make it complete, an old crow and a rat. I suppose some spider webs strewn across would also look eerie, but I prefer to pretend that this mad scientist still works in this lab.........she's the one who is giddy and doing the happy dance because her imagination looks even better in real life!

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Mantle Evolution

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One of the many wonders of blogging is being able to look back at photos to see how my style has evolved. In 2007 I was trying to work up the nerve to start a blog. Halloween was the first holiday with my new digital camera so I documented my decorations. Even though I used pretty much the same items to decorate with in the last three years, there are still subtle differences. I like that! I like to feel that my decorating style is constantly evolving---if only slightly.
I thought it might be fun to share photos of my family room mantle with you from the past three years.

Halloween 2007Halloween 2008Halloween 2009
This year I added the haunted castle that I bought at the thrift store months ago for two dollars. But now that I've looked at the last two years decorations, I remember using those branchy looking things. I think I need to go into my "inventory room" and find where I put those. Aren't old photos wonderful?
A good photo is better than
a good memory any day!

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