Minimalist House Design Deronda by the International Space

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This is a minimalist design house located in Los Angeles, California, home design minimalist Deronda has been designed by Space International. Deronda Residence is located near the top of Beachwood Canyon, Hollywood Hills. By Utilizing the existing footprint of the original house, newly renovated house consists of two main rectangular room that shifted from the axis of one another to highlight differences in the program located on the inside.
International space creates a more common residence of this house and is located in the back of the site, so that owners can take advantage of flanking outdoor space designed as an extension of the living dining room and kitchen area. Large sliding glass panels to connect this kitchen dining and living area adjacent to the terrace and view of the outside, turning the interior into space, outdoor open-closed.

The sleeping more personal and showers are located on the cantilever bar closed, which float on top of a hill and is located in the middle of pine trees high on the perimeter of the property is located. A white plaster shell home demarcates the spatial hierarchy, operates as a supporting floor plate for a private volume, then fold over to serve as a clerestory roof plane over the more general space. It's bumpy skin increase and decrease the exposure to various levels of the cage and the beautiful surroundings and views of the skyline that surrounds the property.

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Decorating in Neutral Colors

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We love, love Reed Krakoff clothes.  Have you seen it? He does amazing American sportswear.  Classic, comfortable, and sooo classy...

What strikes us most about the below ad is how pretty the neutral room looks though. It's classic, modern and timeless.  Like a perfect black dress.

For neutral, classic furniture like this, we like Bolier upholstery. Really pricey, but they are beautiful in person.

Here are some examples:

To see more of the collection, check out Bolier's web site.

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Design Minimalist Villa in The Hills Morumbi

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This is a minimalist design villa on a hilltop Morumbi, The concept of this building is like a villa on the plateau. In front of the villa, pool size medium with different depths can be used for all family members. A terrace is located not so far from this pool and connected with wooden floors. Material safety to prevent accidental slip when moving from the pool to the villa.

What's interesting here is to see the surroundings beautiful, unspoiled with many trees make this a comfortable building. Architects use of large windows in every room to capture sunlight for use as a heater in this villa and also to provide access for owners to enjoy the surrounding scenery. Although it looks like a showroom, but this villa also provide more privacy so there is no reason to worry about it.

On the other hand we can find a green area which is dominated by coconut trees. Japanese grass grow and cover the soil in the garden villa, like a green carpet.

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Minimalist Interior Apartment Design Loft by UNStudio Collector

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While the wall forming the background to calm and controlled artwork, the ceiling is more articulated in the Letter of expression of this transition. By exchanging luminous and opaque, the ceiling creates the field of ambient lighting conditions and local levels, establish organizational element in the exhibition and the living room. In addition to the former window in south wall has been replaced by floor to ceiling glass panels that frame and expand the view interesting, more than a full glass balcony, heading for downtown Manhattan. Do not you think that the collector's apartment apartments to remind employers of IT?
Collector Loft by UNStudio is the main living space to store things and show off. This loft is located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. The main color theme is white so that everything presented is in contrast with its surroundings. The main wall in the flow through the attic space, and together with the ceiling to create the conditions articulated hybrid in which the exhibition area merge into living areas.

Minimalist Interior Apartment Design

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Bedside lights with a difference

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Image via A page of Inspiration

I love the idea of pendant lights or chandeliers as bedside lights, something a little different to the usual lamp

I love how they leave the bedsides free to display something pretty...

Images via Decor pad

I love these lanterns for a touch of whimsy.

Source unknown

These pendants add a very elegant touch to a  formal bedroom, complimenting the extremely beautiful sunburst mirror, without over powering it.
I wonder if this is a guest bedroom or does someone out there have children that would love & respect such an incredible space.
I know my kids wouldn't, they like to add their own little style stamp to their bedrooms!!!

Nicky Hilton's bedroom

Image via Houzz

Very glamorous, what can I say...

 I'm really loving these Plume lights at the moment

They are available through Mercator lighting here in Australia.
I love a pair of these pendants for the bedside & the ceiling mounted version for over the bath in the ensuite, to connect the two rooms.

Image via Urban Farm girl

Here is one in action!

Do you have a chandelier or two in your bedroom?

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Form of the facade on the architecture of school buildings

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architecture schools

Based on the architecture of school buildings, there geometric facade. Belonging to the facade is a facade that this geometric apply geometric shapes such as boxes, circles, triangles, blocks, and cubes. Geometric forms and then mixed together so as to create an attractive facade forms.

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