Picture Yourself Organized

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It's the last holiday weekend of the summer.
Are you wondering what to do?
You could spend some time reading some of the blogs
that were late to the paint party.
Then, you could make something pretty and useful.
Yes, I think it's time for...


Today we're going to create some beautiful organizational tools.

First, gather your supplies. You'll need:
*a large picture frame
*your choice of spray paint
*a heavy duty stapler (doesn't everyone have one of these?)
*a roll of hardware mesh or poultry wire---both can be found in the fencing section of home improvement stores
*wire cutters or tin snips
*saw tooth hangers (optional)
Next, paint your frame the color you desire.
When it's dry, unroll the wire "fabric"
and measure and cut it
to fit inside the frame.
The poultry wire can be cut with wire cutters, but
the hardware mesh is more easily cut using tin snips.

Pull and staple the wire to the back side of the frame.
You may need an extra set of
helping hands for this step.
You can get fancy and add some ribbon
to the front of the frame if you'd like.

I also added some S hooks that I squeezed
one end shut onto the wire.

Are you wondering what we just made?

Well, if you used hardware wire and added S hooks,
you just made
a great frame to hang your jewelry on.
If you used poultry wire, just add some binder clips
and you have a pretty memo board.
You can even customize these.
The addition of a knob makes a plain frame
look like a cabinet door.
Instead of binder clips, you can use clothes pins.
You can even paint and cover your clothes pins
with scrapbook paper.
That's the beauty of this project, it's very versatile!
If you want to hang your frame, add sawtooth hangers.
Or just lean your frame against the wall.

You've just been framed for organization.

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Back to Basics

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It's been great to take a break from the basic black routine. I've enjoyed painting with new colors. And after all the inspiration from the party, I'm looking forward to trying a few more. But sometimes only the color black will do.
I've been looking for some stools for my kitchen for some time now. I finally found some that had a great design and were well built. The best part about my find was that these nice little stools were at the thrift store!
There was only one drawback. The stools were a dark blue and I don't have any blue in my kitchen. I do have black. I have a black table and a black cabinet. So it only made sense that these cute little stools had to be black.
I used the handy dandy liquid sander before I painted because these stools will get a lot of wear and I don't want the new paint to chip. Liquid sander works like sanding. It takes the gloss off the original finish and prepares it for a new coat of paint.
I like my little stools all dressed in black. They'll fit right in with the other black furniture in my kitchen.
It's always nice to find what you've been looking for, and get it for a great price.

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A Thank You & A Look A-Head

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Thank you all so much for participating in my first ever blog party. I think it was a great success---because of all my wonderfully creative and talented friends. You all amazed me. There have been a few late comers, so check on them too. It was so fun to see the many ways spray paint can transform things. I know that I've added a few more projects to my ever growing spray paint list. I'm beginning to think it might be a wise idea to buy stock in spray paint companies. That way I might be able to recoup some of the large amounts of money I spend on those marvelous little cans.

And speaking of spray paint. . .

I went to the blue big box home improvement store to buy more paint and look what I found.I couldn't pass this guy up. Look at that toothy grin.
You can't be afraid of an old thing like this.
It has good bones...bwahhhaahaahaa!!!

I'm not putting out my Halloween decorations yet,
but I thought I'd give you a little preview of things "a-head."
Thanks Susie for the "heads up" on the crows.

Now you can see why this guy
out the door with me.
He's just too much fun!

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Party On

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Let's keep this party going one more day.

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It's Time to Celebrate the
Wonders of Spray Paint!

I've showed you my
"paint outside the black box" projects.

Now it's time to show off yours.

It will be fun to see all the
different colors you've chosen,

including our favorites, white and black.
(Yes, it's fine to show off something black)
I'm as excited as a kindergarten girl
opening a new box of crayons!

Let's start clicking and commenting!

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