Just Add Color

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White is one of our favorite color to use in our decorating projects. It's a great neutralizer, in the sense that you can use it with any color to create a great combination. Mix white with blue and you have a nice, calming scheme. Mix it with lavender and you have a femine, sweet decor. Mix it with black, and voila, drama!

You get the idea.

Here are our favorite white pieces:

This sofa is from Kravet Furniture. It's called Prelude. It's expensive (about $5000 and up) but it's soo pretty.

We love this white chest from Worlds Away.

This end table is pretty and functional.

We love this mirror chest from Worlds Away.
This chaise is perfect for reading or lounging around. It's called Adante and it is made by Kravet Furniture.
If you need help with Kravet Furniture or Worlds Away, please email us. We'll be more than happy to assist you with pricing and product information.

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