Screen Door Accessories

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One of the greatest accessories that someone can improve their home with is almost certainly a screen door. They come in many different variations, each with very specific benefits and perks, all in a very inexpensive cost, affordable by even the most frugal of spenders. They can allow you to work uninterrupted in your garage, free from the perils associated with bugs and other flying insects, as well as allowing cool breezes to enter your home without leaving the door wide open which can result in a small child or pet leaving the premises unintended.

Now that you’re up to speed and fully understand the many gains associated with these products, you are now ready to be primed on one of the best accessories for your screen door, the screen door latch. Latches on your screen door are very beneficial because they lock the door shut and prevent it from opening and slamming shut whenever someone passes to the entryway. It is also possible that the door will remain shut during windstorms, preventing it from slamming back and forth, a common problem which will result in a damaged door, as well as an unnecessary bill to replace it.

The most important reason to consider purchasing a proper latch is almost certainly the benefit that allows you to let your children and small toddlers play in the room, without fear that they will open the door and go outside unattended. The latch on the door can be installed at such a high level of height that the children will not be able to reach it and let themselves out accidentally. This will allow the parent to get things done with their back turned and not fear that their children will escape outside and get hurt. Ease of mind is in the highest spectrum of benefits in nearly any product, specifically a screen door where children will be playing around.

Another great perk to this kind of latch is the fact that it is not very expensive, which is very beneficial because during this deep recession people are not willing to spend extra money on things they view as unnecessary. Fortunately, you can buy a great working latch for between $5.00 and $25.00, the paltry amount that anyone should be able to afford, even in this economy. Even so, safety for your children is paramount and definitely something you can set aside a cheap $25.00 for.

All in all, screen door latches are an amazing accessory that any screen door owner should look into purchasing. If you have small children, or a variety of pets which will be playing in the same room as the screen door, this is an excellent purchase which will raise the security levels for all small and animals and children alike. Being able to leave them unattended for short periods of time without having to worry about whether not they’re trying to escape is a very beneficial feeling, and given the fact that these latches work on all kinds of doors, including wood screen doors, the overall benefit reaches a wider target.

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Find Out How To Heat Your Garage

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As the weather becomes colder, you could be thinking about methods to heat your garage if you use it for activities other than merely keeping your automobile. Frosty the winter season doesn’t need to keep you from your garage workshop should you buy a heater for your garage.

There are several different heaters available that are created specifically to heat your garage in the safe and effective method. One of the primary decisions you need to make when purchasing a garage heater is choosing the type of heating source you will use. Propane, natural gas, hot water, infrared as well as electric garage heaters are the most typical garage heater varieties available, with each having particular pros and cons.

As an example, an advantage of using propane to heat your garage could be the cost when propane prices are lower. Several drawbacks, nonetheless, would be the regular need to replenish your propane canister or tank, in case propane fees increase you might end up paying out greater than you anticipated. Natural gas also may be an extremely affordable method to heat your garage, although special care needs to be taken to ensure the garage is vented appropriately if you choose to make use of natural gas. Additionally, you will need to make sure there’s a natural gas pipeline available in the area. Hot water garage heaters are very nice because they just don’t count on any type flammable fuel. You must have a boiler, however, in order to use one of these products.

Essentially the most well-liked and also least difficult method to heat your garage is to apply an electric garage heater. There are lots of powerful models available, and they are easy to install and use. One drawback, nevertheless, could be the noise from the fan on these units, however, there are low-noise units readily available.

Sans Anjay has published several home improvement posts, which include articles reviewing the top brands of electric garage heaters available, and how to appropriately choose and install an electric garage heater in your house.

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Organizing With Wire Shelving

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Disorganized? Got household clutter? Hard to find belongings? If the answer is yes, then you may need some organizational assistance. One very effective solution is to use steel wire shelving which goes a step beyond traditional storage or furniture systems.

Steel wire shelving can go almost in any room in your home. It has a contemporary look that fits well in a kitchen, family room, home office, laundry, or bedroom. The open wire design minimizes dust build-up and allows ventilation for computers, stereos, and other electronic equipment. And in a basement or garage, where maybe the look is less important but storage capacity and accessibility are important, wire shelving is is terrific.

As a user of wire shelving in my home for over twenty years, this author has used InterMetro wire shelving with great satisfaction and can personally vouch for its robust construction, durability, and maintenance-free care. Indeed, InterMetro shelving is backed by a twenty-year factory warranty.

InterMetro wire shelving is constructed from 18-gauge steel with a weight load capacity of 500 lbs per shelf. Set up or break down is quick – no tools, nuts, or bolts are required. Shelves attach to the posts in one-inch grooved increments using pairs of plastic sleeves that clip around the posts onto which the round, cone-shaped corner collars of the shelf are seated. Leveling feet under the posts adjust to accommodate uneven floors, or you may easily replace the leveling feet with threaded casters to create a kitchen cart or mobile storage unit. With lots of standard shelf dimensions and post lengths, it is easy to create custom storage solutions. Many accessories are available that expand the functionality of the shelving, including wire baskets, drawers, hanger rails, and snap-on hooks. There also are third-party products for the shelving units including butcher block shelf inlays and plastic enclosure kits.

InterMetro wire shelving is available in three finishes: chrome, black epoxy, and white epoxy. Each finish is durable and resistant to chipping and moisture. Of the three finishes, chrome is the most popular. Each shelf, post, and accessory is available from open stock, plus many popular complete units are available in economically priced sets.

When the largest-sized InterMetro wire shelf (18 x 48 inches) isn’t enough, then wire shelves from the company’s commercial line of Metro SuperErecta wire shelves ranging in size up to 24 x 72 inches. As an industrial shelf used by hotels, restaurants, groceries, warehouses, factories, etc., the weight load capacity goes up to 800 lbs per shelf.

Who is InterMetro? InterMetro is an American manufacturer, headquartered in Pennsylvania, and part of the Emerson Group. Since the year 1929, the company has manufactured wire shelving, storage systems, and material handling products for hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets, and manufacturing and distribution facilities. Over 20 million wire shelving units are on the job throughout the world. Just imagine what InterMetro wire shelving could do for your home or office!

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Auto Garage & Garden Shed Building Pre Constructing Advice

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Putting together a garage or storage buildings sheds can certainly end up being a tremendous undertaking filled with many problems and options. accredited garage builders nc and I have made virtually hundreds of barns. I sincerely hope this specific information will help you to put together better decisions and consider all of the important aspects to make your construction precisely what you want it to be. my personal intent is to provide you virtually all the facts so you can become educated into creating the best choices to suit your own wants.

one of the most crucial considerations when deciding on a building is the particular dimensions. the size of your all new garage or storage building have to be ample enough to be able to fit your current needs. so it truly is essential to consider your needs very carefully. One particular concern that can influence the specifications of your building is actually the area accessible for construction on your lot.

Furthermore there may be zoning consideration such as setbacks from the residences lines, and the setback from the present home. In the event that one don’t know the setbacks for your current residence you may telephone the community zoning division and they ought to be able to assist with the answers. Almost all of these aspects might specifically effect the size of the building an individual may build, and should possibly be considered ahead of undertaking a final determination regarding the sizing of the building.

All the additional element which will have to be contemplated before about the particular dimensions of the building you might build is the finances. Your funding could become a substantial variable but it could be impacted by some additional factors furthermore so allow me to touch upon a number of details that you will certainly
to be considered combined together with ones finances. Here’s a major suggestion the largest factor who will influence the expense of your building is the sort of exterior siding you pick. the other large factor is the garage contractor you decide on there are other aspects but these two are usually the greatest.

There are a couple of elements that you may finally vary, but there tend to be several in my professional recommendation of which happen to be not negotiable. Non-negotiable factors are usually any aspects which would certainly compromise the structural integrity, or maybe overall standard of the building. I am a building contractor who doesn’t believe in doing anything which may impact the structure ability to be able to tolerate and have long life.

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3D Computer Programs

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Can’t find a house plan or style that you like? Create your own. That’s what I did. There were so many house plans that I liked but I couldn’t decide on just one. I wanted to combine all of the best features of many plans into my own dream home design!

So what’s the next step? Well, you need to find a computer program that lets you design in 3D. Let me just tell you that there are tons of 3D software programs out there to choose from. I have tried them all. Some are free and some will cost you some money. The best free program to get started with is Google Sketchup. It is very user friendly and has many video tutorials that show you step-by-step how to create things. I have been using this program for a few months and there are still a few things that I am not sure how to do. It can be a little frustrating. It does help if you have some prior experience with 3D modeling.

Google Sketchup does have a Pro version for advanced users but it is quite expensive. I don’t recommend it unless you are pretty advanced.

Overall, the best and most user friendly software available is Punch! 3D Software. I was able to create a basic home design in literally 1 minute! It’s that easy. You won’t find an easier, more straightforward program to use. There are many different versions of Punch! but I have found the most recent version to be the best one and very affordable. Check out the website below and watch the video. You will see that it doesn’t get any easier than this to create your dream home! Have fun creating.

Punch! Home and Landscape Design Suite

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Refurbish Your House With These Amazing Interior Design Tips, Find Out The Secrets Professionals Use.

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You don’t need to be a Faux Painting Specialist to come up with inspiration for home decorating ideas that mirror your personal style. Take it from the specialists!

Whether it’s for your 1st apartment or for the 1st time home buyer, home decorating inspiration and concepts can be located in all sorts of places! You do not have to have a degree in interior design or decorating – or a ton of cash – to deliver awe-inspiring designs in your own home. Successful decorating comes from knowing what you desire and what works, experimenting with what you don’t grasp, and being game to undertake different things.

If you are decorating your 1st house or apartment, you will find challenges galore! There may simply be specific areas that you need help with: “How do I organize furniture in a space that has too many doors and windows?” “I like color, but I’m scared to apply it to my walls!” “What is the right color scheme for this space?”

Fortunately, there’s loads of help out there to assist you and get you comfortable with decorating. Inspiration is everywhere! In addition to the countless home decorating magazines and the do-it-yourself websites that additionally offer helpful designing tips and secrets, there are other places where you’ll get a first-hand look at how the interior decorating specialists do it:

* Furniture Stores: The good thing concerning furniture stores is that they’re tight on space! The upper end stores often have in house decorators who understand a way to use the smallest spaces in the most superb ways. Upscale stores like Pier 1 in Queensbury NY, (Rachel Ray’s favorite place). After you go to these stores, pay careful attention to the angles used for furniture arrangement, how and where the accent pieces are used, and also the cunning manner in which they use rugs, design, and color to make an explicit focus.

* Catalogs: One of the most effective ways in which to be ready to check a space is with a catalog you actually like. Pottery Barn, as an example, includes a nice one, crammed with concepts on the newest furnishings, window treatments, and decorating accents for the entire house. Observe how they arrange artwork in the room, and how their pieces seem to combine both traditional and contemporary styles.

* Model Homes & Open Homes: Whether or not you’re house hunting, model homes are a number of the best places to go for nice decorating ideas. Sometimes a builder will invest a nice deal of time and cash into making a showcase home, and you can get a nice hands on experience with how they use furniture, color, and light. (Also, you learn how they dress up the more traditional rooms in your home, such as the mantle, the foyer, the half bath, etc.)

* Wallpaper Books: Sounds strange, perhaps, but those wallpaper illustration books in your local hardware store or design center offer nice ideas on home and interior style, and decorating inspiration that truly has no bounds when it comes to using color and texture in your home. Spending some time with them also makes choosing your wallpaper easier.

Once you recognize where and how to look for it, you’ll notice inspiration everywhere! When spending a while seeing how the pros do it, you’ll notice that you’ll be able to adapt those ideas to satisfy your own desires and accommodate your home, style, and budget!

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November Give Away

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We're giving away this fabulous chandelier for November.  Made of black iron, white beads and clear crystals, it's the perfect chandelier if you are looking for something chic and glamorous...

Dimensions: H: 20'' • D: 21'', 6 lights
To participate in the drawing, please come to Digging Decor to join as a member. It's a design community  of people who love design and decorating. The site has tons of fabulous design photos and resources that  you'll find valuable. 

The winner will be announced on Digging Decor on November 30, 2010.

Thanks in advance for participating!

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Hexagon Wallpapers

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This wallpaper pops up quite a bit in design magazines.  It's very modern and somewhat dramatic.  An eye catcher for sure...

This pattern is called HICKS' HEXAGON - BLACK/GOLD and it is made by Cole & Sons wallpers. The pattern number is 66/8056-CS and it comes in a few different colorways. You can find it here.

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Best Wooden House by Jendretzki

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This is the best timber home design. Located in Sag Harbor, New York, this project has been carried out by Jendretzki Design and Planning Consultants. The view is very natural around the house making it look very cool and comfortable to stay inside.
This house was redesigned from an existing house. The original house is an old traditional wooden house, but surrounded by beautiful nature. The owner will not change from the original concept of Home-Wooden, just remodel the old. The interior is very well connected to the exterior. There are several decks, terraces and stairs so that owners can easily stroll from almost every part of the house.
At night, this house is very exotic with all the classic lamps hanging on the porch posts. This view brings the owner into the past. our eyes will be spoiled with a beautiful view all day.

There is a window large enough around the house so that natural light can break into easily and owners can see the beautiful view from the room the entire house. All exterior wood work done with reclaimed-timber recycling.

Furniture design

Homes are environmentally friendly and uses high technology. It uses solar panels on the roof for electricity and rain water collection system.

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I'm starting a series of posts, perhaps once a week (. . .if I can be that organized). I want show a tiny part of my world that brings me joy---those glimpses of life that one should stop to embrace, the reminders that it's the small and simple things that make life beautiful. It's those little details in the day that are often overlooked, like the sacrificial apple in the fruit basket. The one apple designated to take on all of the other apple's labels so that they could be enjoyed to the full measure of their creation.

What simple joy have you stopped to embrace?

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Shop What You Want

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HGTV Dream HouseShop What You Want

The dream homes offer that HGTV brings is irresistible and also one of the best constructions. For details on the constructions one can follow up on the homepage about the process and progress as the work keeps happening. Every stage is photographed and updated on the webpage. You can see the images and get to know the quality of work that’s taking place.

Hgtv Dream House: Nice Dream House

Apart from that, HGTV Dream house presents you the floor plan also to let you know what rooms are offered with the construction. You can see different floor plans displayed on the website and make your mind according to your choice. Shopping for your dream house is another great offer with HGTV. There are various products available for sale for your HGTV Dream house.

Hgtv Dream House: Garage

Be curious enough to take a tour through the home theatre, sunrise room, laundry room, kids’ room and many other rooms which have been on display on the homepage. You will find pictures and specifics of the acoustics of all the rooms of the houses. There are also videos to provide better and complete information on the details of offers. HGTV dream house offers you the best products and services which you may not want to turn down.

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Savor or Rush

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I am one to savor all the months of fall. I know there are many who have already rushed into decorating for winter
and Christmas, but November still means autumn to me.
It's the month to slow down, relax, enjoy,
and take time to contemplate all of my blessings.
How about you?
Do you savor or rush in November?

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Interior photography from Emily Followill

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Just some beautiful images for you today from Emily Followill. Soft, elegant, simply gorgeous!

Click on any image to start the slideshow.

Images from Emily Followill
For more inspirational photos like these, visit Diggging Decor.

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Love this room!

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We're obsessed with this room today.  It has tons of personality. It's cheerful.   It's fun.   It's the kind of room you want to cozy up in with the morning papers and a latte..

Image via Elle Decor

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Tree Wallpapers

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We get a lot of requests for this wallpaper.  Can't you see why?  It's beautiful! It's great on one wall, or as shown here, in a powder room.

Interior design by Christina Murphy, image via Digging Decor

The wallpaper patterns is called Woods and it is made by Cole & Sons. You can find the product and pricing information at our Cole & Sons wallpapers section.

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Getting and Giving a Bouquet

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I was contacted by asking if I'd be interested in reviewing their flower delivery service. I'm not one to turn down a bouquet of beautiful flowers so I said Yes!I went on their site and picked a gorgeous bouquet. They have bunches of sunflowers in all different pretty arrangements. I picked my favorite and placed my order.
I was excited to see a fresh flower delivery
on my doorstep!I followed the instructions for opening the box and found a lovely bouquet inside.I must admit that although the flowers were beautiful, they were smaller than what I had anticipated from how they appear in the photos. They came packed in moist florist foam ready to be placed in their vase. You pick the color of vase included with the flowers. Mine turned out to be an odd color of green. Of course we all know that a little spray paint can fix things---unless the original paint wasn't applied correctly (oops!). The plain galvanized vase would have been a better choice.
Oh well, my bouquet looked even more elegant in a vase from my collection.
The flowers have an eight day guarantee. Mine didn't quite last the full eight days, but they did last longer than others I buy.
I enjoyed my pretty bouquet from and now
here's your chance
to try out their fresh flower delivery.
Go to their site and have a look around.
While you're there register to win a year of fresh flowers
(who wouldn't love that!).
Then come back here and leave a comment.
On Friday I'll announce the winner.
Good Luck!

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Tranquil Scandinavian Style Interiors

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When many think of Scandinavian style, they immediately think stark, white, modern and even unlivable. But thankfully Scandinavian style has emerged from bare beginnings to a much more livable arrangement. With white working as a color platform, many stylish homeowners have added black for a bold modern edge and hints of color that make their use seem bold and almost edgy. While still maintaining a basically blank slate, the new Scandinavian style seems focused on livability, whether it is in cluttering up streamlined shelving units, or rumpling a bed in an otherwise spotless room. Unusual accent pieces also make frequent appearances, from mistletoe-like ceiling hangings to excessively fluffy and fuzzy throw rugs. Sometimes only a single spec of color can be seen in a room, from a fusia toned bedspread or a softly muted sofa pillow. All photographed by Per Gunnarsson, the images below show how livable a modern Scandinavian-style living space can be.

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Modern Style Italian Kitchens from Scavolini

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What exactly makes a kitchen Italian? Well if Scavolini has any clue, we can see in the photos of their kitchen designs below that they all manifest as a work of art. Whether it be in the sleek curvature of lines or the color and design of the cabinetry, the Italian kitchen concept is open and stylishly modular. So with their newest line of kitchens they’ve stepped outside the box to create a dynamic statement on the face of their cabinets with graphic prints in different schemes that speak volumes to their edgy and bold fans.

In a world where one must be ultra creative for their work to stand out and be noticed, an unexpected graphic print or bold solid color rooted in a simple plan may be the way to go…

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Decorating Backyard for Fantastic Home design

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Have narrow backyard? Make it as little garden, so you have a lot of advantage, and make your home comfortable. The first advantage is make sure that light enter your house easily, second, air circulation will better. Back and front aperture will guarantee cross ventilation happen.

Garden in the backyard also can become running away area, moment to escape from day to day work. Garden backyard makes our privacy increasing, not like front garden. You can unify backyard garden with kitchen, so id there is a party, guest can take food I the kitchen, then walk to garden to enjoy both of garden and food.

For example, below is picture of backyard garden:

That garden above, garden backyard decorate with small pool made from natural stones. The pool not too deep, and decorating with water spraying. And there is path, seem like float on pool. Pool positioned higher than land surface. Overflow water patches water canals that surrounding the pool.

Because there is space limitation, choose small plants. In this example garden, yellow clump plants (Neomarica Sp.) and Japanese grass. At corner of garden, Yang Liu plants planted. Yang Liu plants perfect for small garden because the physic feel light and waving. And finally, for pool resident, there is water plants.

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