Christmas tree inspiration

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So with a bit over a month left until we decorate the Christmas tree, we always do this on December 1st, I'm looking for a little inspiration.
Every year I like to have a bit of a theme or colour scheme in mind.
Last year I let the kids go nuts & do what ever they wanted & I must say it was a bit of a Hodge podge tree( no offense kids!)
My family like to tease me & call me the "tinsel police" ,because, I like the tree to be perfect, so last year I stepped back & let them go for it.

Lets just say.... It nearly killed me!!!

I will be having a little control say in the decorating this year
Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!

The moons & stars on this gorgeous tree are actually baked from cookie dough. 
 I don't think I would like to hang actual cookies from my tree for a month, here in Australia I would fear an ant infestation would feast upon my tree, or worse still I may end up with mice, but if you pop on over to
Jenny has a fabulous idea that would give you a similar look, that isn't edible!

Now this one really ticks a few boxes for me....pardon the is decorated with clock faces.
I do have a little clock addiction, so I think something like this could be fun & VERY ME!!!
Does any one know where I could come across some little clock faces ?

So So So pretty !!!

The above images are all from country living & there are many more to inspire you.

This beautiful tree comes complete with a How-To article here
Apparently over sized decorations are the key to a glamorous looking tree!


I'm not sure if its the tree I love in this home or the decor, what a beautiful room to relax in!


& another simple tree in a beautiful room...


a few well placed pops of red to get into the Christmas spirit & co ordinate the room with the tree,
Very nice!!
I just love the giant snow flakes hanging from the ceiling.


lots of bright colours make this tree look very cheery & bring a little whimsy to the room!!!

Images from Design of house

I couldn't resist this image as it has ghost chairs in it & mini ghost chairs!
  You know how I dream of one day having the space to be a proud owner of a "Ghost chair"

How will you decorate for Christmas this year, will there be a theme, a set colour scheme or just a pile of kid fun?

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Crooked and Scattered

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You might think with that title that I'm talking about my mind (which on certain days could apply) but I'm talking about the ease of decorating

a Halloween mantle.
All it takes to make a fun mantle is
a few crooked old frames and signs.
A scattering of books And crowsAnd pumpkinsBrown bottles and whatever else tickles your fancy.And you have an awesome mantle
ready for spooking.

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Sleek Design from Fu Tung Chen

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We stumbled accross Fu Tung Chen's work a few years back and we're still in love. Known for exquisite concrete design, his work has such an elegance and refined quality to it.

Here are some samples of his portfolio...

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Ralph Lauren's Decor Style

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Did you see the spread in last month Elle Decor on Ralph Lauren?  His place is to die for, seriously.

Ralph Lauren has been around for so long. We remember saving up for a set of his paisley bedsheets in the 80S! His style evolves a bit, but not much. We suppose that's why they call it classic, right?

Here are some pictures from Elle Decor in case you haven't seen them.

All photos from Elle Decor

We've just added Ralph Lauren fabrics and Ralph Laruen wallpapers to our fabric store.  You can check them out here .

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M-eye Kinda Humor

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Eye See You!
Just Keepin' An Eye Out!

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Elysium 154 House Design is Minimalist by BVN Architecture

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This is the Elysium 154 House project undertaken by BVN architecture in 2009. It is located in Noosa, Queensland, Australia. A minimalist design was chosen for this project, but even in a minimalist design, this house still looks luxurious and glamorous. See details of this house 154 Elysium of the photos below:
Minimalist Home Designs
Elysium exterior 154 Minimalist House Design is by BVN Architecture

Home Interior Design
Staircase design
Kitchen design

Project Description:
The Elysium 154, Noosa project is the development of housing for the last sub-division in a very desirable zip code Noosa Heads. Large sites consisting of 189 home rations, public facilities (tennis courts, health spa, water facilities), parks and nature reserves are located inland from the coastline adjacent to Lake Weyba Noosa. wavy, beautiful views of the site maintains extensive pockets of existing vegetation and given a distant view to the Sunshine Coast hinterland beyond.

This home site enjoys a truly beautiful, which slopes gently from the road south toward a small park and open space to the north. A gentle, sweeping, curved walls and forms that identify this house is produced by an intuitive response to reach both the north-east aspect and views over the park area north. Finished textured external wall folding back into the residential interior along the walls and ceilings where the edge of carefully detailed and smooth transition with the internal wall allows the threshold between inside and out had been distorted. Drawing an external garden and pool room into a luxury building has reinforced a sense of subtropics. [Via]

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Vintage Camera Collection

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One of the things i have started to develop an interest in over the past couple of years  is photography .
 Some time in the future I would really love to invest in a decent digital SLR camera & perhaps a basic course, on how to get the most from my camera, with a few basic skills for fab snaps thrown in.

Technology has made taking photos & editing them so easy & there really is NO limit on how many you take, in search of that perfect shot.  In the past with film & developing costs really limited your choices, not to mention the waiting time whilst your film was off at the developers!!

I have been very privileged in being the proud recipient of my in laws first ever cameras.
They had come on a little shopping adventure to Maitland Markets where I was about to buy a vintage camera & kindly offered me theirs instead.
This worked well for all of us, I had a new decorator item that had a little family history & they had someone to look after an item from thier childhood that was dear to them!

These 2 cute little box browning camera's are my new prized posessions.
My mother & father in law both got these as gifts when they where only 13 & 14 yrs old, in the 1940's.
They have been kept in their cases  & carefully stored so they are in pristine condition.
I just love them & feel very privileged to be the new custodian!
Whilst shopping at Maitland Markets on the weekend I came across this cute little vintage Kodak camera, circa 1910 & I thought it would sit perfectly with the box Browning's & complete my little collection!

What do you think? don't they make a perfect trio!!

Maitland Markets are one of Australia's largest markets & they are 5minutes from my home. I would have to say they are a thrifters dream. There are so many stalls full of antiques & pre loved items, if chinoiserie is your passion, then these are the markets for you, the choices are endless, not to mention all of the clever arts & crafts plus the rip off designer stalls!!

I'm not sure where I found these images but I love the rustic display of these vintage cameras!

I enjoy  seeing a few old treasures mixed in with the new, shiny things. I think it adds a little character & warmth to a room, especially if there is a story behind the item.
 Sometimes the story of how you came across a vintage item even makes it fun!!

Do you have any family treasures handed down thru the generations?

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La Fiorentina Fabric

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We get a lot of inquiries on the fabric used on this sofa, and we finally found it!

The fabric is called La Fiorentina and it is designed by Ashley Hicks for Lee Jofa.  It's made of 100% linen and comes in several colorways.  The pattern number is 2430-GWF and you can find it in our Lee Jofa fabric section.  The color code shown here  is 97. 

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