Patio Project Pictures

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I'm happy with my patio makeover.
It's been a fun project.

All it took was spray paint, thrift store finds, and
a few quick building projects to make such
wonderful transformation!
The reds and yellows really brighten up the area.
It's a cheerful, comfortable place to relax and enjoy.

We've eaten out here more this summer than several summers combined (there's the remnants of the burnt dinner left on the wall behind the grill as proof).
We have enough comfortable places
for the entire family to sit.

I used my unfinished projects to create
a privacy screen.

Our new table adds the perfect touch.

I'm looking forward to making
many happy memories out here.

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One Last A-door-nment

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After an entire week of posting bits and pieces of my backyard patio, you would think that I would finally show the finished project. That was the plan. However, my plans tend to change and include some additions. I decide to do "just one more thing." I had a contractor call it the "since you was up" syndrome---you know how when you get off the couch and someone says, "since you was up, can you do that too?"
On Saturday I was doing some rearranging and decided that I needed one more outdoor surface to decorate, but it also had to be functional. I went into the garage to look at my inventory. I came out with an old door (doesn't everyone have an inventory of old doors?), pre-painted stair balusters, leftover crown moulding, and a few pieces of lumber. Then I enlisted the help of my husband, who fortunately, was very willing to cooperate. He's such a good man!

We made a frame and attached the balusters.
We cut down the door to the right size
and nailed it onto the frame work.
We nailed the crown molding on flat against the frame.
I painted and distressed the door and molding.
And this is the finished project:
A tall sofa table/sideboard.
I promise that tomorrow I'll be ready
to show the finished porch project. . .maybe.

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