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I found these galvanized planters at the thrift store for three dollars each. I like the galvanized finish, but I wanted them to look a bit more formal.
So out came the black spray paint.
Now they match the other decor on my front porch.
Just for fun I put our house number on the front of each using a permanent paint pen.They're the perfect pots for beautiful boxwoods.

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HGTV Dream House 2009

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Dream House 2009

Every year, HGTV captivates the public with stunning homes built in pastoral locations but in the year 2009, the contest looks as if it will be the best till now.

Hgtv Dream House: Kids Room

With past home locations, such as Colorado, Jackson Hole, Winter Park and Wyoming, it is not easy to expect for something better but this year’s contest is going to give them a tough competition. This is because this year’s dream house is going to be built in California’s heart, the Sonoma.

Hgtv Dream House: Replica of your Dream House

The images of green fields over the rolling hills immediately come in front of our eyes at the very mention of this location but there is much more to that. The house constructed in the tradition of Victorian Farm house captures the spirit of a traditional farm and at the same time meeting the luxuries of a modern man’s estate.

Hgtv Dream House: Dream Bed

This 2-story house has been built by Mr. Steve Ledson and it is expected to be impressive by all measures. As attention is given to each and every minute detail of HGTV dream homes, this one built in the year 2009 is no exception. From natural wood floors and wainscoting to the trim, this home exhibits a craftsmanship of years gone by.

Hgtv Dream House: Floor Plan

This master piece spread over 3600 square feet of land, provides all the amenities that can be needed for entertaining friends and families for several years.
The sweepstakes of HGTV Dream Homes draw millions of entries every year through their website and over 41 million were submitted in the year 2007.

Hgtv Dream House: Dream House

The entries are welcomed from 1st January to mid-February every year and one entry per day per person is only allowed. Started from 1997, the HGTV dream house contest has grown in popularity significantly and provides the builders to showcase their best establishments. The winner of the contest is usually announced during March.

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A Clean Slate

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Do you ever take all of the accessories out
of a room and live with the
empty surfaces for a few days?Do you ever rearrange the furniture
or does it stay in the exact same spot
year after year?
You know that I love my accessories/clutter,
but it's very refreshing
to occasionally remove all of the extra stuff
and change the lay out of a room.
It gives you that "just moved in" feeling.
Try It!
Go ahead, give your inner decorator
a clean slate
Allow yourself to embrace change.
Take some time to revitalize your room
and your life.

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Simply Pretty Storage

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You know of my love for knobs, so you can imagine my delight when I found this little cutie.I was also delighted to find this little wooden box at the thrift store. Sure I could have built one, but finding one for a dollar is always exciting. As you can see, I painted it the slightest shade of blue and did some instant aging with sandpaper and stain.With the addition of the cute little knob, I have a
simply pretty storage
solution for those dryer sheets.

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Design your Dream House

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Using HGTV dream house to design your own dream home

If you want to design your own home in the most modern and luxurious way then the best thing you can do is to follow the HGTV dream house contest held every year in America. In this contest, which has been held since the year 1997, millions of entries participate every year and each of them competes among each other to win the most wonderful house of its own kind.

Hgtv Dream House: Design your House

The HGTV dream house that the contestant wins becomes a role model for other participants and also for the viewers. Most of the architects and designers keep in track of what design elements are used in the HGTV dream home and try to incorporate its best elements in the homes designed by them.

Hgtv Dream House: How to design Your House

Audiences are allowed to take a tour of these homes and those who are interested in having a similar kind of home try to observe what elements are incorporated in the home’s interiors, exteriors and different rooms, so that they can incorporate them in their own homes.

Hgtv Dream House: Dream House with Pool

The HGTV dream home becomes the fashion statement for the current year’s home architecture and influences almost all the homes designed during that year. The materials used in these homes are widely used in homes in other parts of the country and the winning home of the HGTV dream house contest becomes an idol for the people around the country looking to design their own homes.

Hgtv Dream House: Hgtv Dream Home

So, if you are looking to design a new home for yourself or planning for home improvement of your existing home, then look for the design elements incorporated in the HGTV dream house.

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Pardon Me

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I'm taking an extra day off to catch up. I hope you'll pardon me for posting an "oldy but goody" from a year ago.

What is it about learning something new?
It's both terrifying and exhilarating!
A few years ago I decided to take a stained glass class. I'd wanted to do it for about twenty years and the timing was finally right. We had tackled the job of remodeling our kitchen on our own, and I wanted one cabinet door to have a stained glass insert. The class was challenging but fun! Someday, when the time is right again, I plan to take another class.
The entire class had to make a small sun catcher as our first project. Much to the teacher's dismay I chose this door insert to be my second project. Luckily, it turned out beautiful, (thanks to a little help from the teacher).
Every time I walk into my kitchen and see my stained glass
it makes me happy. It reminds me that
it's important to
continue to learn,
and that you really can teach an old dog new tricks!
What new thing have you learned lately?

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Family Room

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HGTV dream house, family room

HGTV dream house are the desire of all the residents of the country owing to their immaculate style and amazing architectural designs. As they are made with incredible precision keeping the latest trends in home making in mind, these houses are certainly straight out of dreams.

Hgtv Dream House: Family Room

Carrying all that a fantasy house must have from places of necessity to areas devoted to luxury, these farm houses are an ideal get away for every one from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Hgtv Dream House: Game Room

Both the interiors and the exteriors of the HGTV dream house are tailored beautifully providing you with a chance to live your own fairy tale life in reality. From bedrooms, dining rooms, patio, garage to living rooms, the house simply spells luxury and splendor. The family rooms featured in the dream house are one space where you can rebuild and strengthen your bonds with your loved ones.

Hgtv Dream House: Big Family Room

The HGTV family rooms are characterized by eye popping prices of modern art that serve as the focal points. With apt furnishings and color combinations, this gathering room is a place that looks like a perfect retro- meets- rustic point. To create that cozy look a gas fireplace is also there so that in winters the room is warm and really comfortable as well.

Hgtv Dream House: Decorate your Family Room

The shag rugs that are used in these family gathering rooms make the room appear exclusive and more towards the elemental sides of nature. Blended perfectly with royal essence, these rooms are a great asset to these dream houses.

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