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Because of the Brave

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Stylish Storage Part 2

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As promised in my previous post, I have taken a few snaps of my storage trunks.

At this point these two trunks are living in my wardrobe, the small one fits nicely inside the large one, unfortunately I have no where to display them in our rental.

I do however have a couple of clocks & a spare quilt stored
inside the small one ,so they are still very useful...

I figured it would be a bit of a boring post if I didn't try to at least style them with whatever treasures I could gather from around the house...

So you can experience some of my very own styling & very amateur photography with NO editing...
Please don't judge me tooooo harshly....

don't you just love the Faux crocodile skin...

I love the silver accents...

I have introduced you to this guy before, it is the blanket box that goes at the end of my bed.
Sometime in the future I am going to attempt to make a cover for it so it will look like a buttoned ottoman at the foot of my bed...

At this point it lives under my shorter hanging items in my wardrobe & is filled with all things one would keep in a home office, if there was enough space in the house....

We do have another timber style trunk with a rounded lid like a treasure chest. It belongs in my sons bedroom & is used for toy storage, but at this point it is buried deep in the shed with a lot of our other household goods...

I am looking forward to our dream home  being  built so we can enjoy decorating with  these fabulous storage trunks.

Come on Mr Architect, get a move on with the plan updates, a girl can't wait forever!!!

Hope you've enjoyed a peek at my style!!!
Trish xx

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Minimalist Home Design: Furniture Workspace

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Office furniture design minimalist minimalism for the home. Minimalist house will continue to demand by urban or urban youth, in addition because its simple design is also mainly due to increasing urban land prices skyrocketing, so that the width of the building being sold by developers increasingly narrow.

Minimalist minimalist homes need furniture that emphasizes function, but does not sacrifice aesthetic
Office furniture and minimalist design above could be placed on the remaining space of the aisle, or room elongate your minimalist home. What is interesting here is that floating or cantilever designs, so a small space look larger.

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Stylish storage

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I love storage space....
Whilst I am still in the planning stages of my Dream house I have tried to incorporate storage where ever possible, but its also nice to have some functional yet stylish furnishings that add a little character.
I really love the use of travel style trunks, old & new, as decorator items. Not only do they make a great style statement but they are fabulous for storing all sorts of goodies...

A paddington perspective

I really do love the metallic finished trunks, but I think I would be forever cleaning them with 4 kids leaving their fingerprints behind...

Coco Republic

This is just pure glamour...

I love them as a coffee table, a great place to put spare cushions for a change of season colour scheme...

Decor Pad

or as a side table, storing a spare blanket for those chilly nights....

Vintage leather tends to add a more masculine feel to a room...

a lovely accent piece to accompany a chaise lounge...

Nibs blog

Williams-Sonoma home

Table tonic

The world according to Jessica Claire

I really do love the look of the Lucite trunks, but you would need to be very conscious of what you placed inside, according to the look you where trying to achieve. I think I would feel the need to create a display in here, or leave it empty,  rather than just storage. Perhaps a collection pretty bottles or candles, what would you do?

Front Entry Hall eclectic entry

A nice addition to a front entry hall

Klopf Architecture - Pass-Through traditional living room

A very cute side table...

Tomar Lampert Associates - Showhouse Portfolio eclectic family room

I love the use of the two different sizes & Styles as lamp tables, this room has a rather eclectic look but it still seems to work

Anne Forell Architecture traditional living room

I love this old world treasure chest...

Bridge Design Studio traditional bedroom

This one adds a relaxed rustic feel to an otherwise more formal style...

HIGH-STYLE CLOSET eclectic closet
 house beautiful.

Or a little extra storage in a very funky walk in robe.

As you can see the storage trunk comes in so many sizes & styles & can be made from so many different materials.
They make a fabulous addition if you live in a small space & storage is critical!

 Do you have a storage trunk,or any plans to invest in one?

 There are so many outlets or online stores that stock them , the hardest part is deciding on how much you really want to spend, do you pick one up from a thrift store that is full of character & has an interesting story or do you go top of the range for a little extra pizazz??
I realized when I started writing this post that I am a bit of a collector of storage trunks, perhaps I should take a few snaps of mine to show you them, we have 4 all up & they are used for storing all sorts of things like toys, office supplies & decorator items!!!

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Flag Mania Mantle

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Step 1---Place as many flags as possible.
Step 2---Stand back and ENJOY!

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Minimalist House Design: A Minimalist Multifunctional Sofa

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Minimalist sofas can be disassembled multifunction pairs. Minimalist house you should always be in Ceramic if you want to vote or buy furniture, minimalist home is certainly due to space limitations. for that, the couch on this one really fit to fill your house minimalist space, because its design is very simple, easy to move, and multifunctional, versatile, can be used as guest chairs, dining chairs, even beds.

Sofa minimalist design multifunction
Sofa Design minimalist as bed
Sofa Design minimalist as seats
Sofa Design minimalist as seats

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Minimalist Home Design: How To Maximize the Small Space

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Minimalist house design before and after

Minimalist space in your house so narrow, and feels cramped? but to add the room was not possible due to limited funds or land? Do not be frustrated first. please refer to the idea of an architect's minimalist home design below.

An architect who lost his job in the United States decided to stay and work from a cramped space that he had hired a very reasonable price. The architects tried to anticipate the limitations of space and the design so that it possessed a narrow space can be maximized and support activities.

This can be emulated by home owners and minimalist with its narrow space, provided early in the design carefully, so that the selection and placement of furniture or other items it can support the idea that you want.
Before the design is minimalist home
Minimalist house design sketches
Design minimalist house before renovation
Appliances and furniture design Mini Shelves
Work Space Design
Bed design
Versatile table minimalist design
Staircase design
Design lounge

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Four For The Fourth

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Here's four simple ideas to decorate for the Fourth of July.

Nothing shows your patriotism more than displaying the American flag.
So hang it in a window.
Drill one hole, or more, in a finial and stick in a flag.Place a bunch of flags in a vase or urn.


A simple idea---put a flag in a frame.Frame a flag in an old window.


Display your patriotic collections in a group for more visual punch.
Like these Uncle Sams
or these barn stars.


Find yourself a piece of wood, some paint and a brush (or scrapbook paper and vinyl) and paint a flagor a word.

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