What is Hgtv Dream House

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Facts about HGTV dream house

Does renovating your home put you in lots of trouble? Do you find the high-budget of renovation scary? Then, there is one option in which you will get the desirable renovation for your home in a unique manner.

Hgtv Dream House: Dream Room

Home and Garden Television or HGTV has come up with a pioneering program where they are going to build a dazzling house by just scratching and will demonstrate people the whole process of renovation. You can also participate in the show if you have voted for designer, layout and colors. If you are the lucky one then they will give away the home to you. HGTV also offer you some high-value prizes which includes cash, vehicle or furnishings.

Hgtv Dream House: Hgtv Dream House

It is not complex at all to be the part of this show. HGTV allows entry everyday and the announcement of the winner is done only after the sweepstake ends in the mid- February. You can enter in the contest unlimited number of times provided you live in USA.

Hgtv Dream House: Guest Room

The locations where the HGTV build home are also very stunning. In recent years the dream home exotic sites were Colorado and Jackson home and Winter Park. Through HGTV you will get things for which you are always excited for and that too in a very lower value. The home constructed in the Victoria Farmhouse Tradition provides with the combination of traditional farm with the stylish parkland.

Hgtv Dream House: Winter Home

The show gets popular every year with the million of entries which is possible through the HGTV websites or via post card entries. The announcement of the winner is usually done every year in the month of March.

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Dinner Is Sacked

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I've left the men in my house so that I can spend some quality time with my daughter. I'm so excited to have some girl time! But I do fear that the boys at home will eat nothing but sandwiches and ramen noodles while I'm away. So I prepared a basket of sack dinners.

Each sack contains a few basic items and I've written directions on the front.

The meals are far from gourmet, more like a step above camp-out food. But I thought that if the decision of what to have for dinner was already made it would make dinner time a little easier.

Now hopefully three of the four males will actually follow the directions and prepare a few dinners while I'm a,way.

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I Love DT

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Aahhh! It's the day after hosting the ladies evening out for our church. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. They all went home with favor boxes from the dollar store containing mints and snickers with a note inside that said, life is "mint" to be happy. And a quote that said (among other things), "How we see life's glass---half-full or half-empty---is primarily a choice." The evening was full of food, friends and fun!While I was at the dollar store buying favor boxes and mints (that just happened to color coordinate with the huge flowers), I took some photos with my phone of some fun items. I resisted the holiday decorations but still found plenty of great items for a dollar.
The toy isle had these oversized plastic combs and scissors.
Can't you just envision them with a coat of metallic spray paint? The comb would be great in a bathroom and the scissors would look darling hanging on the wall of a laundry or sewing room.
How cute are these wall decals?!?
What a great way to decorate a room without making a commitment of time or money. And when you get tired of them they come off without damaging the wall. Those frames in the middle would be great in a school locker or on the fridge.
These butterfly shapes are actually chalkboards!
What little girl wouldn't love those? And now you can even buy fancy outlet and switch covers.
Do you need wall art? How about a pretty poster?
These metal farm animal plaques look vintage. How cute would they be in a country kitchen or in a little boy's farm themed room.
Oh, and how I love white plates!
These have a beautiful hobnail type border. Add a goblet (we use these at our house every day for supper), a placemat, and a dish towel as an oversized napkin and you have a beautiful place setting!
I managed to bring home a lovely sunflower poster.
Won't it be pretty leaning against the wall surrounded by fall leaves and pumpkins? And I purchased some of those chalkboard decals. I placed them in my bathroom. They're great for writing a little reminder.
What a great way to spend a dollar!

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Fabulous Modern Dinnerware

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We have this obsession with beautiful dinnerware--they just make the food taste better! If you ever drank wine in a plastic cup or coffee in a styrofoam, you know what we are talking about, right? It just ain't right.

We don't like the froufrou dinnerware that you take out once a year when you have company though. The kind you get when you register for your wedding. Nope, none of that for us. We love dinnerware that feel substantial in your hand, get more beautiful with frequent use, and stylish in a way that makes everything we cook look better.

If you have the same taste, take a look at this modern dinnerware collection from 18Karat. It's not huge, but it's fabulous!

You can view the products, pricing as well as download their beautiful catalog here.

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Modern Planters from 18Karat

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We never forgot the first time we saw the 18Karat showroom... This Canadian company sells the simplest things, yet they display them in such an incredibly clever way, the overall effect was just...genius! It's like Pottery Barn but with WAY, WAY more style. Their style is very simple, very organic (a very overused word, we know, but it's very true in this case).

Our favorite things to buy from this line are the modern planters. Oh my goodness, they are simply beautiful! It's the kind of planters you see in very chic and modern restaurants or hotels.

Here are some samples:

18K puts out beautiful catalogs that you can view online. In addition to planters, they also sells fabulous home accessories and dinnerware (we highly recommend the later). You can view the catalog and purchase online at the 18k web site.

Note: Be warned that planters are heavy and very expensive to ship...

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Jamie Young Lamps Featured in Melrose Place

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Are you looking forward to the relaunch of Melrose Place, premiering tonigh on CW? We just hope it's not as bad as the last few seasons of the old one, where the plots were getting so ridiculous it was laughable.

If you do watch it, look out for the Jamie Young lamps that were featured throughout the apartments. Jamie Young lamps are really, really popular with the set decorators, they are in a bunch of movies & TV shows.

This image is really small, sorry. Click on it to see the enlarged image...

The images are very fuzzy, sorry. It has to do with copyright and all the legalese stuff. If you want to see the entire collection more clearly, check out the Jamie Young lamp section on our site.

Postscript: We watched it and it was pretty good. The acting is way better, thank God!

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Cool Wall Arts from Farm Boys

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Have you ever walked into a really cool restaurant or hotel and say to yourself, darn, that decor is so hot, I wish I have that at home?

We find that with wall arts all the time. It's really difficult to find cool artwork for your walls, plus, you kinda want something different than just frame arts. Something that makes a STATEMENT, right?

For example, we have an empty loft that we're trying to decorate now. What do you do with a huge white wall that's 12-feet tall? We thought it would be really cool to take a favorite black and white photograph and blow it up as wallpapers, you know. Just one wall. How dramatic woud that be?

So where do you find that really? Well, because we're the kind of folks who share, we thought we let you in on a resource that we just discovered, Farm Boy Fine Arts. They usually work in commercial applications for hotel and restaurants, but we think they do individual work too. They have some amazing, amazing stuff for the walls/divider/headboard etc.

Here are some samples:

To see the rest, visit Farm Boy web site. We have to warn you, it's REALLY slow, so you'll need to be patient. There is a 800- number that you can call for assistance.

We think you can deal with them directly, but if you need help, send us an email...

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Fresh & Pretty Bedding from WildCat Territory

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A bed is usually the focal point of your bedroom and we think you must pay as much attention to it as possible. That usually starts with having a good bedding set. Most bedding sets are disappointing though, especially the bed-in-a-bag combination that you find in most retail stores.

We've used Wildcat Territory bedding in the past for various projects and we're pretty pleased with them. They are not wildly expensive. Most sets are under $1000.

Here are some pretty ones:

These will be posted on our site shortly. In the mean time, if you want to see the rest of the collection, visit Wildcat web site. If you need help with pricing/purchasing info, drop us a line...

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Flower Power

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Did you expect to see a fully finished bathroom project? Yeah, so did I. Isn't it funny how life can get in the way of your plans? Well, one day I hope to finish the downstairs bathroom. I know it won't happen for a while. But that's okay. In the meantime, I still have things to share.
This week I'm in charge of a pot luck salad and dessert supper for the women of my church. I want the evening to be lighthearted and fun. With that goal in mind, I chose to make colorful, over-sized, whimsical centerpieces.
It seems that tissue paper flowers are all the rage now so I used that idea as my inspiration.
First I folded kraft paper and rounded the ends to make a flower template.
Then I folded the tissue paper the same way, in half, then in half, then edge to edge. I placed my template on top and cut out several layers of tissue.Dowels were glued into simple wood bases and both were painted bright green.I cut leaf shapes out of the tissue paper and applied them with hot glue.Then I stacked several layers of tissue flowers, cut a hole in the center, threaded them onto the dowel and hot glued them into place. I added a wooden circle covered with tissue paper as the center of the flower. I crunched up the tissue a bit to "poof" up the flower and give it dimension. One down, nine more to finish!

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