Home Design Garden by Tham & Architects Videgård

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This park is home design. Tham and Videgard, Swedish Architecture Firm has successfully completed a project called House Garden. This house was built on an area 180 meters square in Viksberg, Sweden.

The owner wants a beautiful garden as part of their home, and the reason why they decided to move from their duplex apartment in central Stockholm to the rural location in the lake Mälaren. To meet customer needs, we propose a house conceived as an integrated vertical additions to the garden, where indoor and outdoor space gradually mingle and interact.
Triangular foot print is the result of a steep slope diagonally across the site. With one of the long facade facing south, we also managed to eliminate the pure north façade. This further helps the idea of climbing plants on trellises oversized high that covered most of the windows so that by the time they will be hidden in the greenery.
A double height winter garden also serves as a natural pre-heating fresh air. Roof terrace offers views of a very long above the nearby hills over the lake Mälaren. Construction is all wood, both structure and finish.

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A Little More Spooking

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Oh my, it's been a while since I posted!

If they were giving out awards for bloggers I think that I would certainly be in the running for The Slacker Award. Real life has a way of interrupting my creativity and blogging, as I'm sure it does for you too. And so, in an effort to avoid the notorious award, I am posting a few Halloween photos from around my home---because if I waited much longer I truly would be awarded The Slacker (hmmm, I'm trying to envision just how that award would look).I hope you enjoy seeing some of the feathered and long-legged friends that have invaded our house.
Happy Halloween Weekend To You!!!

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I stumbled across a stylishly talented design firm from Michigan in the US  & I just had to share it with you all

Dwellings traditional living room
Dwellings is an interior design studio owned by Laura Davidson
Laura & her team not only help their clients in making the best choice in fabrics, furniture, accessories and paint colors that create a warm and comfortable space, they also assist in designing a new home from the plan  through to completion

Dwellings traditional kitchen

This kitchen is divine,
I'm guessing by the lovely fabric covered stools that NO small children live here!!

Dwellings traditional exterior
Dwellings studio is  located in a cute cottage in Grand ville, Michigan, where they showcase a wide range of their products.
Dwellings traditional porch
Dwellings studio is open to the public & each time you visit there is a new look.
Dwellings traditional bedroom
From their portfolio this  Green Lake home was one of my favourites.

I could seriously see myself living in this home, the colour scheme is so calming I think it would be nice to put your feet up & relax at the end of the day!

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New Fabric Collection from Dwell Studio

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Dwell Studio just designed a collection for Robert Allen that we thought was fantastic.  The patterns are simple and modern. The colors muted but unique.

Here are some vignettes using Dwell Studio fabrics and coordinating paint colors...

To see the complete Dwell fabric book, click here.  You can find pricing and product information on our Robert Allen fabric section.

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Win a $25K Home Make Over from TLC

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Something came in our mail box today that we thought you might be interested in.  TLC is looking for home makeover candidates for their new show, Our House. Here are the details:


The TLC network is looking for fun, outgoing couples who live together in the Los Angeles area for their new home makeover show “Our House.”

The concept:

We give you $25,000 and three weeks to do whatever you want to your homeʼs interior. You can re-floor, refurnish, break down walls, install extreme fixtures and make it your dream house. And you have to do it all YOURSELF! (with a little help from your friends and the occasional plumber).

We're looking for married couples, dating couples, new home owners, long-time residents, couples who are strapped for cash and couples who just need a change. Whatever your story -- as long as you own your house and want TLC to pay you to re-invent it -- we want to hear from you!

Please send an email to OurHouseCasting@gmail.com with:

1) Your names and ages

2)Your best phone number(s)

3) Your houseʼs location

4) Photos of you both

5) A brief explanation of why you want to make over your home.

Good luck everybody!

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Facilitating With HGTV Dream House

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Facilitating With HGTV Dream House

When you dream of having a house in a location which is calm and peaceful and also with beautiful scenery on the outside, HGTV Dream homes brings you to the right place. You can now visit their homepage to know their different offers which they keep coming up with every now and then. The sweepstakes is one constant activity of their website through which they offer dream prizes. You could be a lucky winner if you are a resident of the US and above 21 years of age.

Hgtv Dream House: Dream View

With all the photos of different rooms being displayed on HGTV Dream house website they also have uploaded videos. There is clarity of the products they offer which clearly prove the quality doesn’t stoop to compromising levels. You can view the products section to see the numerous products they offer for sales for your perfect dream home. These products range from simple things such as cocktail trays to sophisticated stuff like headboards. There are other accessories like down pillows and much more available.

Hgtv Dream House: Your prize

You can take part in the sweepstakes immediately for the next lottery. There are also different floor plans given on HGTV Dream homes which you can view to know what kind of rooms you get.

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