Need Inspirations?

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Don't you love looking at home decor magazines for inspiration? We do too. We have to confess though, we only look at the pictures and never read the text. For people like us, there is a new site that has just been launched that we love, It is a site that combines the resources of several home decorating magazines, including our favorites--Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home and other remodeling-related home magazines. It includes several resource sections, blogs, tips , ideas, expert advice and all the cool stuff about home remodeling, home design and home decorating. The best feature is that it has TONS of beautiful pictures that you can browse through. Well, maybe not tons, but enough to have fun for a little while. We suspect as the site grows, the content will get richer.

The site still has a lot of glitches, as with most newly-launched site. It does not have easy navigation, a good search tool, and there are many dead links. As with most ad-supported sites, it has annoying pop-ups, but it's a good start and a good idea.

Check it out. It's a great site!

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