Pretty Rugs from Safavieh

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Spring is in the air! Can you just smell it? In Los Angeles where we live, it was the perfect 75 -degree, clear blue sky, sunny day. The hills are green and the wild flowers are blooming. It's so pretty we can hardly stand it. Despite what people say about LA, parts of it are quite stunning.

Spring also makes us want to clean up the house, wash the windows and spiff things up a bit. We find the best way to spiff things up is to add some colors to the house. Switch out the lamp shades (yes, you can buy different lamp shades and voila, it's like a brand new lamp), get some fresh flowers, and buy a couple of new rugs.

We like the Soho collection of rug from Safavieh quite a bit. It's totally fresh, modern and fun. It's also not too expensive either (about $1200-1500 for a 8 x 10)

Here are some samples from the Soho line:

To see the rest of the line, click here. If you need help with pricing/availability any of Safavieh rugs. please drop us a line.

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Served On A Siver Platter

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Super Easy Project Ahead!

Simply print a monogram from your computer,
on regular paper (no need for card stock).
Then cut it out being sure to stay inside the black
so the white of the paper doesn't show.
Using a regular ol' glue stick, adhere the monogram
to a silver platter or china serving plate.
Of course, this is FOR DISPLAY USE ONLY.
When you're tired of the display,
just remove it by soaking it in water.
How's that for a quick and easy project?

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Five Good Things About A Bad Economy

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Can you not open a newspaper or turn on the TV without hearing more bad news? You'd think the world is coming to an end or something. We just see it all over now, don't we? In our conversations with friends and family, not one passed without comments on the economy and how terrible things are.

But you know what, comes with every hardship there are things to be learned and treasured. Our lives are changing, but it is changing for the better.

Here are five reasons why:

1) We waste less. Seriously, we've been spending too much, wasting too much, eating too much. Cutting back is not a bad thing.

2) We learn to buy less and buy better. It's so much better to buy one good thing than ten junky things anyway.

3) We value more important things than money. This is the time when we appreciate our health, our friends and our family more than ever.

4) We start to recognize than there are others in the world beside ourselves; that we are all inter-connected and our actions affect us all.

5) We simplify our lives--and isn't that a better way to live?

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You Asked, I Delivered

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***Edited to Add***
I feel so humbled that Kari and Kjisa
are featuring this post on their
"Psst...Your Creativity is Showing" segment.

Thank you so much Ladies!!!

Several of you wonderful ladies requested a how-to of the grain sack reproduction. You asked, I delivered.
First, decide how big you want your project. Next, use any computer program to make a pattern (I use Print Shop), or draw one by hand using a permanent marker.
Then cut the burlap just a bit larger than the finished project. This makes it easier to manage, as well as giving you an idea of where to place your pattern. Place the burlap on top of the pattern, and then lay both onto a light box (one of my favorite tools EVER). If you don't own a light box, then secure the burlap onto the pattern using straight pins and tape the two pieces onto a sunny window.
Using acrylic craft paint, simply paint on top of the pattern.
You can also use a store bought stencil, as I did to achieve this design.Be sure to remove your pattern while the paint is still wet so the paper doesn't stick to the dried paint. Once the paint is thoroughly dry, if you want a more aged look, you can lightly sand over the painted surface. It's just that easy to make your own personalized grain sack.
If these directions seem familiar to you, it's because I used a similar technique here and here

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Great Source for Home Decorating Pictures

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We have to confess, we are a home decorating magazine addict. We subscribe to every single one there is, but the truth is, we never read the text. We just look at the pictures. What's the point of reading if the pictures are enough, no?

If you are looking for inspirational home decorating pictures, we have a great source for you. Check out This site is actually a seller of images, much like Corbis or Getty Images, but they specialize in interior, garden and food images only. What we love best is that it has the best of European home design ideas, which we don't have easy access to here in the US. It's a lot of fun to browse through the beautiful pictures on the site.

Here are some sample pictures. There are thousands more...

Notes: The pictures on the site will have watermark on them to prevent piracy, but for browsing purpose they are not too bad. We recommend the feature search as it lays out everything very nicely for you.

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Z-Gallerie to close 25 stores

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Z Gallerie announced it will close 25 stores across the country today, citing deteriorating business conditions. The company will still have 52 stores and its web site.

We love Z Gallerie. It has affordable, stylish merchandise at very reasonable prices. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this tough economy will pass and all of our favorite stores will survive.

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Love This Loft!

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The New York Times recently featured a wonderful loft in New York City that we just love. Loft decorating is tough. It is usually just a blank, open space and most people find it a challenge to make it cozy, warm and inviting at the same time. There is also the issue of spacing--you have to divide and conquer creatively.

Here are some pictures from the article which shows how it can be done. To see the rest of of the pictures and read the full article, click here.

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Unofficial Holiday

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Can you see what's wrong with this picture?Yes, the door and trim are not the same pretty white
as the crown molding.

I'm embarrassed to admit that this has been the case for a while now. I don't even remember why I didn't paint it when everything else was painted. and because it's the back of the door, I only see it first thing in the morning when I'm running to do a dozen other things, and late at night when I'm ready for bed.
Please tell me that I am not the only person that leaves a little something to do on a project and then forgets to go back and finish the job.
Occasionally my husband will ask, "When are we going to paint that door?" (He says "we" even though he never does the painting.) I usually respond with, "I'll get to it."
Well, I am officially declaring today

It will be called "Why Not Wednesday!"
Today is the day I am going to get to
painting that door----FINALLY!
You can join me in celebrating today.
What project have you been neglecting?
When are you going to do it?
Why Not Wednesday!

And when I'm done painting,
I'll start working on the tutorial
you asked for.

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It's Been Sacked

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Antique grain sacks are so popular right now.
I decided to make my own version
using burlap and paint.
I personalized it to my family.
2 parents+5 kids=No.7
(Name has been covered to protect the innocent)
Our last name has Swiss origins,
so the word "family" is spelled the Swiss way.
I used spray adhesive to stick it
right on top of the old painting.

How's that for a change of scenery?
It looks much better than it did here.

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The Fill In

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Remember when I added an extra frame around my foyer mirror? Well, that left an empty spot in my decor where that frame had previously been. There was only one thing to do. Find a fill in. This is what I found.Of course, the frame was a little too gold for my taste, so I brought out the Rub 'n Buff to grunge it up.

After applying R 'n B, I gave it a good rubbing which revealed a little of the original gold. This gave the finish more depth and dimension. I think it now has the appearance of an old piece that's been found in an attic. I like it much better now.
I'm sure you're wondering if
I plan on keeping that nice painting.

I am not.

I have other plans.
But that will be another post.

How's that for a tease?

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