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My daughter has a HUGE collection of jewelry. She's already filled up the jewelry frame I made. For Christmas she received so many necklaces that I told her that I would make her a necklace holder. Almost two months later, I finally decided to cross that project off my list. Here's how I made it.
First, I found some pretty fabric.
I took out the mod podge and picked out some drawer knobs while hubby cut a board to size and drilled holes to fit the screws for the knobs.I painted the board black. When it was dry I placed it on top of the upside-down fabric and traced around the board. I cut out the fabric. I brushed mod podge onto the board and applied the fabric piece.Then I brushed a layer of mod podge on top of the fabric in one direction. When dry, I brushed on another layer in the opposite direction.Lastly, I poked holes in the fabric to screw on the drawer knobs, then added the hanging hardware.And there you have it! A pretty necklace holder, or towel holder, or apron holder, or whatever-you-choose holder.

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