Silver De-Light

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I wanted a pretty chandelier to hang in the guest room. For months I searched the thrift stores, but there was nothing pretty (or with potential to be pretty) to be found. I had to resort to shopping for one at the blue big box home improvement store. I found a reasonably priced chandelier and loaded it my cart. Then I remembered that the other light fixtures in the room had silver finishes and this chandelier had a rubbed bronze finish. There was another, more ornate, chandelier with a silver finish, but it would cost an additional forty dollars! I stood staring up at the selection, pondering my choices. I actually liked the more simplified look of the bronze light better than the very embellished silver one.
What should I do?Then it dawned on me.
Hey! I'm that lady who has a blog
that posts about transformations using paint.
I can transform this chandelier!

I unpacked my new light fixture and pulled out my paint brush and silver Rub 'n Buff. I loaded the brush with a little silver and "pounced" it on top of the bronze finish. "Pouncing" allowed a little of the bronze to shine through, which gave it a look of aged silver.
I finished it off with pretty little textured bulbs.With a little work I got the finish I wanted,
for a reasonable price and the best part is,
it's a one-of-a-kind!

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