You Asked, I Delivered

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I feel so humbled that Kari and Kjisa
are featuring this post on their
"Psst...Your Creativity is Showing" segment.

Thank you so much Ladies!!!

Several of you wonderful ladies requested a how-to of the grain sack reproduction. You asked, I delivered.
First, decide how big you want your project. Next, use any computer program to make a pattern (I use Print Shop), or draw one by hand using a permanent marker.
Then cut the burlap just a bit larger than the finished project. This makes it easier to manage, as well as giving you an idea of where to place your pattern. Place the burlap on top of the pattern, and then lay both onto a light box (one of my favorite tools EVER). If you don't own a light box, then secure the burlap onto the pattern using straight pins and tape the two pieces onto a sunny window.
Using acrylic craft paint, simply paint on top of the pattern.
You can also use a store bought stencil, as I did to achieve this design.Be sure to remove your pattern while the paint is still wet so the paper doesn't stick to the dried paint. Once the paint is thoroughly dry, if you want a more aged look, you can lightly sand over the painted surface. It's just that easy to make your own personalized grain sack.
If these directions seem familiar to you, it's because I used a similar technique here and here

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