Minimalist Home Design 3D Building Area Total 175 Meters

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Minimalist Home Design

sketch a picture caption:

01. Basic floor plan drawings
02. Top floor plan drawings
03. Picture looks ahead
04. Images appear to the right
05. Images appear to the left
06. Picture looks back
07. Perspective drawings
08. Foundation drawings
09. Figure pieces lengthwise
10. Cross-section images
11. Drawings floor beams
12. Pelate foot drawings, columns and Sloof
13. Figure structural reinforcement plate floor
14. Figure structural reinforcement columns, beams and Sloof
15. Figure structural reinforcement of practical columns, beams Sloof practical, practical ring beam
16. Fig foot structure reinforcement plate
17. The ground floor layout drawings sanitation
18. Sanitation drawings upstairs
19. Figure ground floor plan of the roof truss
20. Roof truss drawings upstairs
21. Figure plan ground floor doors and windows
22. Drawings upstairs window and door
23. Figure plan ground floor lamp point
24. Figure plan upstairs light point
25. Figure etail doors and windows
26. Budget Plan (RAB)
27. All were drawn using AutoCAD on scales?

Additional Info:
01. Total Building Area = 175 m2
02. Dimensions 5.10 x 5.15 m m
03. Consisting of five buildings KT, a Maid KT, 4 KM, 1 R Guest, 1 Kitchen, Dining 1R, 1 R Family, Casual 1 R, 1 R Shalat, Terrace, Balcony, Storage

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