Minimalist House Design Level Two in Australia

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This is a minimalist house design level two on the beach. Perry Point beach house is a minimalist two-level house located in Coolum, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. A beach home renovation project of the 1990s Architect Owen and Vokes. The new owner wants additional bedroom, bathroom and garage to house their cars. Manipulation of the existing building and the natural topography to form a new relationship between living space and garden.
FIBRO original house appears as a traditional coast to Coolum Steep Hill site as stunted coastal vegetation to collect at the rear of the site. Remaining vegetation assessed as providing a counter to display the sea - a reprieve, dense shade of the panorama of sea and sky. The laying of these extensions retain as much existing vegetation as possible, and as a result, the bridge over the pond that is to occupy the remaining volume-able to build on the site as dictated by the height control. A new re-entry page-oriented, physically connecting the living space for the slope of the hill and provides views of the vegetation is left outside.

Masonry elements of managing the level at the site, forming a new landscape space and the embedding extension FIBRO-clad hillside. At street level, a concrete bunker accommodate cars on site, eliminating the need for steep roads and reclaiming space for a garden overlooked the living room and deck above. Minor excavations reveal page space below what was previously wooden pool deck. Promenade through the site reveals nuance and topographic settings.

Site entrance, located in the center of the site both in vertical and horizontal, externally accessed by climbing the stairs from street level. Existing internal staircase connecting the external circulation route of the road extension to the open air circulation. In extension, a linear porch provides access to the bedroom and bathroom, culminating in a daybed is located to the outskirts of the remaining vegetation.

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