Minimalist Home Designs are Environmentally Friendly Montecito

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This is a very minimalist design environmentally friendly houses Montecito. Complete Feature With Sustainable by Barton Myers Associates.

I call this house a home that are environmentally friendly. Why is that? This house offers many sustainable features such as highly efficient boilers, photovoltaic panels and Energy-Star rated "cool" roof. photovoltaic panels may have been commonly found in many previous home design, while the Energy-Star rated "cool" roof is something new in home technology. So this house is not going to worry about the energy needs of both day and night with these tools.

Barton Myers Associates designed Montecito Residence in the hills above Montecito, California. stay is designed to take advantage of the striking features of the site, including the majestic oak trees and boulders. The house is divided into two parts. The first part covers the living room, dining room, and kitchen that has a connection to the main outdoor dining and lounge. The second part, more intimate part, contains a bedroom, bathroom and library all of which open up to pages and small outdoor patio. This property also includes a lap-pool and a guest house there.

Montecito Residence in California designed especially without air conditioning, the house is cooled exclusively by cross ventilation. Great operated sectional door glass, sliding doors and windows can be opened and closed quickly adjust to climatic conditions and occupant comfort. " That is why I consider this house as a house in California with continuous full-featured.

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