Minimalist Home Designs by Architects Caramel

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This is a masterpiece of minimalist design by Architects Caramel home. Architect Caramel as a leading Architectural Designers have completed their project called House M in the year 2008. Located in Linz, Austria, this house became one of the unique architectural design. cube shape of this house becomes more appealing, it's because this form of highly unusual as the house.

Description of M Home:
Sitting on the slopes Pöstlingberg in Linz, 12 x 12 cube meters take full advantage of the many with established herself as far to the north-east corner of the site as a code of building permits. both sides have the appearance of a very airtight, thus preventing neighbors from looking into the contrary, the house opens itself to the south and west by two all-glass facades. west side of the building offers beautiful views of the Danube valley and receives sun until late at night, an externally mounted curtain textile guards against excessive sun and overheating. south façade withdrew from the edge of the cube in retreat free-form, producing a closed patio area. extend directly from the terrace is a large swimming pool.

Move into the open kitchen from the southwest / dining / living area that faces the pool, one bedroom units come into non-public lie to the northeast.

Cellarless house made of prefabricated panels of high-performance structural insulated, which has been installed into concrete floor slabs only a few hours with the help of a truck-mounted crane. diagonal pillars arranged along the west façade provide structural reinforcement.

Slightly inclined to the east, the roof slab on the façade offers gutterless drainage and into the gravel-filled French channels on the back of the house.

cube is covered with synthetic membranes. to be used white EPDM roof area, for the façade (not shown welded to the roof liner), teflon-coated white pvc, which is secured at intervals through the heat insulating layer between the outer membrane and structural panels.

Simple form of the volume of buildings, prefabricated high-level, excellent thermal insulation, cellulose fiber, as well as the application of technology and the calorific value of the external shade all contribute to make this building extremely economical and ecological.

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