First Showroom in Viola Park at 8650 Melrose Avenue

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At a time when European companies are held and stylish kitchens, modern and design-savvy consumers, it's nice to see that American designers are gaining momentum in this category, too. In the case of the question, modular kitchen brand Viola Park, founded two years ago, designer furniture concern Henrybuilt Corporation won the Best of the Year "from this magazine in the first year, and now opens its first showroom in Los Angeles.

Recognition for feature clean, minimalist and high aesthetics, Viola Systems Park kitchen to produce quality hand-made intelligent integrated components: cutting dish drains directly into the countertop, pantry boxes with built-in shelving, cutlery organizers, taking into account mailbox. Until now, customers go through a simulation of the kitchen and the selection process at the company's Web site. Exhibition Hall, located on Melrose Avenue in front of Pacific Design Center, gives owners and architects the opportunity to see, touch and taste the real parts and components offered. 

 Why sell its products in only two ways? Henrybuilt reasons that sales of kitchen systems directly and through distributors results in more value for clients and direct relationship with the product manufacturer. Viola Park is not churning out piles of prefabricated box to collect dust in a warehouse, but the company makes every kitchen order with an artisan to control the entire production process, manual cutting and grinding the choice of plates and pretreatment equipment.

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