Candlelight and Romance

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Nothing creates the feel of romance more than candlelight. Candles are an easy way to decorate for Valentine's day.
But I am here to admit that I rarely light my candles. (GASP!!!)
Sure, if I know I'm going to stay in the same room as the burning candles, I light them up. And we have a tradition of having lit candles every Sunday on our dinner table. But on a normal day, or evening, the only candle you'll find burning in my house is the scented one on the kitchen stove.That's why electric candles make me so happy. In the morning I can flip the switch on, and enjoy the "candle light" without the fear of my home catching on fire.I know there are designers and candle purists out there who would say that the glow looks fake and it's not the same as the real thing. Hey! Since when do we have to listen to the "experts" when decorating our home?!!?
I say if fake candles, fake plants, fake bricks, fake eyelashes, fake whatever, makes you happy,

Being happy with your home depends on YOU,
not on any so called "expert".Now, I will get off my soapbox
and sit and enjoy the glow of my fake candlelight.

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