Small Room, Small Touches

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I love a linen closet full of pretty, white towels! It makes me smile every time I open the closet door. However, I don't really enjoy having white towels adorning my towel rods. Because my bathroom colors are very neutral, I like to bring in an accent color using towels. I change the towel color depending on the season, month, or my mood. For January I had an aqua towel with a brown towels along with a little aqua colored snowflake in the windowsill. I use those same brown towels during the fall months with along with deep red towels. The red towels work for Christmas and Valentine's day too. I don't need a bunch of different colored towels, just a few basic colors that can be mixed together for different combination's of color.
If you don't want to change your towels, then change the accessory that sits on the counter or shelf. Try tying a pretty seasonal ribbon around a towel or accessory. Look! I even hung a few Valentine's hearts on the shower curtain using fancy paper clips. At Christmas time I do this same thing with jingle bells.

You may think this is a bit odd, but I think that the bathroom is the one room where you have to sit for a while during your busy day, so why not change the decorations in it, the way you do the more public places in your home? Go ahead! Freshen things up, make your bathroom a pretty place, and have fun decorating it just as you do other rooms in your home.

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