Michael Smith-The Interior Designer

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Michael Smith is in the news a lot lately. First because he is the interior designer that was chosen to redo the White House for the Obama (we heard through the grapevine that the budget was $100,000. A hundred Ks? It must be a joke, no?).

But more importantly, Michael Smith was the designer who did Thain's office (the recently-ousted CEO of Merrill Lynch) for $1.2M. Ever heard of a $87,000 rug? We haven't either.

All that aside though, Mr. Smith is a brilliant designer. Elle Decor just did a full spread on him that worth checking out.

Here are some pictures (courtesy of Elle Decor).

What do you think? Is it all that?

If you are interested in learning more about Michael Smith's style, here are some books worth checking out:

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