Bedside lights with a difference

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Image via A page of Inspiration

I love the idea of pendant lights or chandeliers as bedside lights, something a little different to the usual lamp

I love how they leave the bedsides free to display something pretty...

Images via Decor pad

I love these lanterns for a touch of whimsy.

Source unknown

These pendants add a very elegant touch to a  formal bedroom, complimenting the extremely beautiful sunburst mirror, without over powering it.
I wonder if this is a guest bedroom or does someone out there have children that would love & respect such an incredible space.
I know my kids wouldn't, they like to add their own little style stamp to their bedrooms!!!

Nicky Hilton's bedroom

Image via Houzz

Very glamorous, what can I say...

 I'm really loving these Plume lights at the moment

They are available through Mercator lighting here in Australia.
I love a pair of these pendants for the bedside & the ceiling mounted version for over the bath in the ensuite, to connect the two rooms.

Image via Urban Farm girl

Here is one in action!

Do you have a chandelier or two in your bedroom?

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