Design Minimalist Villa in The Hills Morumbi

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This is a minimalist design villa on a hilltop Morumbi, The concept of this building is like a villa on the plateau. In front of the villa, pool size medium with different depths can be used for all family members. A terrace is located not so far from this pool and connected with wooden floors. Material safety to prevent accidental slip when moving from the pool to the villa.

What's interesting here is to see the surroundings beautiful, unspoiled with many trees make this a comfortable building. Architects use of large windows in every room to capture sunlight for use as a heater in this villa and also to provide access for owners to enjoy the surrounding scenery. Although it looks like a showroom, but this villa also provide more privacy so there is no reason to worry about it.

On the other hand we can find a green area which is dominated by coconut trees. Japanese grass grow and cover the soil in the garden villa, like a green carpet.

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