Minimalist Interior Apartment Design Loft by UNStudio Collector

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While the wall forming the background to calm and controlled artwork, the ceiling is more articulated in the Letter of expression of this transition. By exchanging luminous and opaque, the ceiling creates the field of ambient lighting conditions and local levels, establish organizational element in the exhibition and the living room. In addition to the former window in south wall has been replaced by floor to ceiling glass panels that frame and expand the view interesting, more than a full glass balcony, heading for downtown Manhattan. Do not you think that the collector's apartment apartments to remind employers of IT?
Collector Loft by UNStudio is the main living space to store things and show off. This loft is located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. The main color theme is white so that everything presented is in contrast with its surroundings. The main wall in the flow through the attic space, and together with the ceiling to create the conditions articulated hybrid in which the exhibition area merge into living areas.

Minimalist Interior Apartment Design

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